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Aaliyah vs Gotye (Mad Mix Mustang Mashup)
Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know










“Are You That Somebody That I Used to Know?”

Aaliyah vs. Gotye Mashup (DOWNLOAD)


Whoever listens to this, you’re welcome.

This. This is so fucking legit.

See, its clean ass mashups like these, that make me LOVE music :)

holy shit this rides!!

This is amazing!

SO GOOD until the Gotye parts come in……


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istherewifi-inthistardis asked: 14. Favourite Disney Kiss :D

OOOH Tarzan and Jane!!!

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Natasha Bedingfield
Pocketful of Sunshine


pocketful of sunshine // natasha bedingfield

and there’s no more lies
and the darkness is light
and nobody cries
there’s only butterflies

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Anonymous asked: So are you too good for mad T now. You were always there and now you are better than the people to go there? They spend every day staking out a spot and taking photos for the band members and you are too good for it? Good. go away. You dont deserve anything but hate. Dan hates you and so does Drew and Johnny. Dont come here again.

You know what? I AM too good for the Mad T Party drama. I shouldn’t have to deal with troll anons like you who have to hide behind tumblr anons to tell me what they want to say. I have many friends who enjoy Mad T. I enjoy it sometimes as well, but I dont like the drama. THIS RIGHT HERE, this is why I dont come to T as often. I get hate when I go and apparently I get hate for NOT going. I shouldn’t have to answer to anybody over anything. So whatever, have your hate on me. I will just rise above that hate on my unicorn of rainbows and sunshine and hopefully my unicorn will pee on everything you love.  


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